Thursday, April 16, 2009


Greetings to you all!

It is another glorious spring day here in Farmington. I should be out in the greenhouse, or perhaps planting those peas that I said I would get into the ground a week ago. But no, I am writing my first blog.

I have big plans for this blog. I will be posting what we have available on the farm, recipes, pictures, gardening tips, and just your everyday farm gossip.

Here's where we are in our growing season:

We have 3 greenhouses. This winter we had chickens living in two, eating grubs and seeds, and leaving us "chicken truffels" as my mom calls it, or fertelizing the ground for us. One greenhouse is now empty and the soil has been rototilled. Tomatoes and Basil will be going in tomorrow. The other still has chickens in it. The last greenhouse has spinach, beets, bunching onions, salad mix and seedlings in it. The greenhouses are unheated, so the tomatoes and other cold sensitive plants need to be covered with row covers, and we lose sleep on the really cold nights worring that they will freeze.

The snow has melted and the soil has thawed, so we were able to harvest parsnips yesterday. I have never tried parsnips before, so that's what we're having for supper tonight. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Other then that, garlic is poking through the hay, and peas need to be planted.

Thanks for reading!

Eat Well!

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