Monday, December 7, 2009


Here is a cute picture of Honey, she has had a long summer learning the ropes of being a mouser for Marble Family Farms. She still has yet to catch a mouse (as far as we know), but training was rigorous. Now she gets to take the winter off.

We have ordered the greenhouse and it is on its way. The ground posts have been pounded into the ground, and the skirt has been buried.

You can see that we are just adding 50 feet to the old greenhouse. The skirt is the white plastic that is low to the ground extending from the old greenhouse. The skirt is buried at least 6 inches, and is attached to the "knee wall". It just acts as a barrier from frost. The plan is to keep the front of the old greenhouse intact, and then move it forward. Then we will take the plastic off of the old greenhouse (it needs to be replaced anyway), put up the rest of the bows, purlins and truss braces, then plastic the whole thing over... Easy as pie!

We do have snow. About an inch that hasn't gone away, and there is more coming tonight. The sheep seem to love it! Every time I let them out of the barn, they run and prance like spring lambs.

If you have some time on Saturday, stop into the new indoor farmers market at the West Farmington Grange. We are open from 10am to Noon.

Hope to see you there...

Stay warm and eat well!