Thursday, April 30, 2009

Farmers Market Tomorrow!!

Two days ago it was 89 degrees on the farm. Last night we had to cover the tomatoes in the greenhouse to keep them from getting frost nipped. Is this a typical spring in Maine? I think so. Maybe a bit warmer then normal. Just a little dramatic! The hot weather has produced some beautiful spring flowers. These are just a few of many daffodils that Weslene has planted on the farm. She has gorgeous flower gardens!

We have been very busy the last few days preparing for the first Sandy River Farmers Market. The Market season opens tomorrow morning! We will be open on Fridays 9am to 2pm and Tuesdays 2pm to 6pm May through October on Front St. in Farmington. For tomorrow we have a few veggies; parsnips, spinach, onions and maybe carrots (if we can get our butts in gear early enough tomorrow morning). We will also have maple syrup, eggs, and baked goods including bread (anadama, whole wheat, oatmeal, multi-grain, and cinnamon raisin) cinnamon rolls, and cookies. I was going to make a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but that will have to wait until next Tuesday.

We have accomplished a lot in the last week. We planted our onion sets and starts. Here is a picture of our onion starts. Before the weeds start sprouting, we need to mulch. We will also need to side dress with chicken manure tea before the season is up.

We also planted the rest of the broccoli and tomatoes in the greenhouse, weeded the tomatoes in the small greenhouse, plowed under "The Three Corner Piece"(which will add about an acre to our garden space). Started all of our cucurbits (pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, melons etc.). Okay, so I say we, but I think so far Andy has done all of the items on this list.

This weekend we are planning on going over to visit the Norcotts to build top bar bee hives! I am so excited, I love seeing the bees at work. I also love their honey! We will post pictures and let you know how it went!
Hope to see you tomorrow!!


  1. ummmm, my onions don't look like that, i feel nervous. and um, carrots???!!!! REALLY! I'll take some! I'm serious, I need a ton! like 2-4 lbs. or more if ya pick em. you know me and carrots! Then i won't have to buy the yucky ones at the store! Good luck today. I should have known there was a market today, it is raining after all.

  2. It's okay about your onions. They got a late start, they will be fine! We found some carrots in storage that we had forgotten about! What a nice suprise! They were hidden behind the potatoes. I'll wash some up and bring them over to you! There were only 4 vendors at the market, but it went pretty well over all. We only got misted on so it wasn't so bad! See you soon!