Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring in the Greenhosue

Spring has arrived in the Greenhouse for sure! I have spotted many spiders, flies, and even a few earth worms. It is very satisfying to be out there soaking up the sun rays in a tank top, jeans and rubber boots, knowing that it is only 30 degrees and snowy on the other side of the plastic that surrounds me. One of the greenhouses is full of spinach, most of which is ready to pick. I have been bring an abundant supply to the farmers market on Saturday Mornings at the West Farmington Grange Hall. The other housed happy chickens this winter up until a bit more than 2 months ago. It has been tilled and watered, and tilled and watered again, and is about ready for beets and salad greens to be planted. The soil is getting darker and richer every year. Now we just need to get the weeds completely under control!

That brings me to the next topic of interest. Spring means that our summer plans have been made and are about to be played out in reality. At the end of last fall, Andy and I felt like we we had been run over by the vegetable train and needed to sleep the rest of the winter to recover. It made us take a very close look at what is most important to us, and how we can continue to farm (which without question is on the top of the important list) without completely wearing ourselves out. We have a long list of ideas; what we need to cut out, what we need help with, and what we want to do more efficiently. We are looking forward to this season and are entering it with renewed passion and excitement.

If you're looking for CSA information, we will have it ready by next Saturday's market... Hope to see you there!!

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