Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It is officially spring in our greenhouses! Seedlings are growing very fast as they already have their first true leaves! Andy has been very busy trying to keep up with the sap that is "gushing" out of trees, but I have had plenty of time in the greenhouse to weed and water... I am loving life!!

Here are some pictures of our plants...

This is a red mizuna mustard green that is a part of our salad mix.

And this is Bok Choi. Yummy!

In about a week the greens should be big enough for us to have our first fresh salad of the year!!

We have also started 736 eggplant, pepper and tomato seedlings. We are expecting germination to occur at any time. These seedling will be put in our newly constructed seedling greenhouse that we incorporated into one of the larger greenhouses. Essentially a greenhouse within a greenhouse that allows double the protection, including a propane heater equipped with a thermostat.

Here is a picture of the seeds being planted. Yes this is my kitchen floor and yes, the seed trays are still in my house! This causes a great mess, and is very distracting for the kittens.

Andy has started 53 varieties of tomato. This is his favorite crop to grow. They are very time consuming to tend, but it is so satisfying to see the greenhouse filled with tomato plants taller then me covered in ripening red, pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and marbled tomatoes... we will have them soon enough!!!

The farmers market at the West Farmington Grange Hall on Saturday mornings from 10-noon is going well. There are more and more vegetables every week! Andy and I had baby romaine lettuce for dinner last night that we purchased from Aloha Rainbow Farm. She sells them for another local grower. They were so crisp and sweet... I think I'm going to go make a loaded sandwich for lunch!


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