Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello again!

After the rush of the holiday season, we had a MAD DASH to get the greenhouse addition constructed. With lots of help from family and friends, Andy and I were able to complete the project before our January 7th dedline. Here are a few pictures of the construction.

We moved the gable end 50 feet forward, then put up bows every 4 feet along with purlings, coller ties, and lots of wind bracing. The hardest task, however, was securing the plastic.

On January 5th, we had a completely calm day, all of the bows were up and everything was ready, the weather was perfect with not a hint of wind. We decided to put the plastic on as soon as we could get enough hands to help. By the time we had the 60ft x 120ft piece of plastic rolled out and tied to the ropes that draped over the peak of the greenhouse, it was starting to get dark. The wind started to whisper slightly as we started heaving the plastic toward the peak and over to the other side. Well, it doesn't take much wind to move a sheet of plastic that big. Three hours, many cuss words, and only 1 gaping hole later and it was in place. It is not pretty, but it will do until it warms up enough for us to gain motivation to make it a tighter fit.
On January 7th we were on a plane to Ecuador! What a relief to have the greenhouse finished. We are hoping to plant spinach and beets by next week. It will be so nice to get out there again!

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