Sunday, November 8, 2009

End of Summer and Fall in a nutshell

This summer has gone by really REALLY quickly. First there was the end of August rush with lots of veggies. The rain finally stopped (phew!!), the gardens dried out... and ohh my goodness the weeds had taken over!! It was like we had never done any weeding at all! All of that weeding was done for seemingly nothing! But we got it cleaned up.. for the most part. We lost about 20 feet of carrots, all of our parsnips, and our onions to weeds... all of which were sitting in a big lake for the first half of the summer!

The green beans did amazing this year! And, at least we were lucky enough to have tomatoes! We harvested tomatoes until October 28th this year thanks to our greenhouse. In fact, we are still ripening off tomatoes and selling them at the farmers market! They are not vine-ripened, but they are still delicious.

September is fair month in Maine. We only set up at the Farmington Fair, but that takes up a lot of energy! This is our farm booth this year. It was a good time!

October was absolutely gorgeous this year. The colors were so nice. The veggie season came to an end about the 2nd week in October. All we had left was storage veggies, the last of the tomatoes, and greens. The second week in October was when I told Andy at M and P's house that I thought we should get married this fall instead of waiting a year. So we called up Mom and Dad and set a date... November 1st. We were married on top of Bald Mt. in Weld surrounded by so many friends and family members that it brought tears to our eyes!

So that was the end of our summer and fall in a nutshell! It was busy, but over all amazing! Our wedding just made us realize how fortunate we are to have such great people in our lives. It is so nice to step back and think about it, and we are grateful that we had such an opportunity!

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  1. clap clap clap!!!! Bravo! Bravo! clap clap clap! The two words that come to mind are "gorgeous" and "Delicious"! I'm talking about the wedding Andy, not you!